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This genealogy website details my family history and includes many branches of my family tree with over 300 surnames mostly from the UK but also from Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and others...

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A special welcome to the BBC's "Who Do You Think You Are?" magazine readers!

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Top 25 surnames:

STANTON (69); HEATH (41); TARGETT (38); ALLEN (34); BENHAM (29); SMITH (29); CULLINANE (22); HUDSON (22); ROLLS (19); ENGLEFIELD (17); WEST (16); LOVELL (15); PLANTAGENET (12); SHEPPARD (12); CAMPBELL (12); PATTEN (11); CROCKER (10); AYLIFFE (10); WOODS (10); BECKHAM (10); EAMES (9); RATHBONE (9); WHITE (9); NAPIER (8); SIMONDS (8); ROLFE (8); DAVIS (8);

My core interests:

  • STANTON family of Dorset UK
  • HEATH, ALLEN and CULLINANE families of Somerset/ Bristol UK
  • CAMPBELL, WEST, SHEPPARD and GRAY families of London UK


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